Maltby is an indie rock band from Seattle, Washington. The band members—Shay Carlucci, Anthony Carlucci, Nathan Gemmet, Brian Mendez and Michael Rath—use their shared childhood as the backdrop for their music, producing a sound as dense and intricate as their longstanding history. Their debut self titled EP released late 2017, with a full length due Spring 2019.


"The self-titled debut EP from Seattle-based indie rock band Maltby has been one of my favorite listens since I first heard it a few weeks ago. Containing five thoughtful, laid back and beautifully melodic tracks, this emerging band, consisting of siblings Shay and Anthony Carlucci, Nathan Gemmet, Brian Mendez and Michael Rath, clearly has a great deal of indie circuit potential. 
The songwriting is strong and easily accessible, with smooth, polished production. The prevalent sound consists of acoustic guitar, keyboards, atmospheric strings, gentle harmonies, with occasional bursts of energized, guitar-driven indie rock. Lyrics reflect the collective shared childhood experiences of the band members.

In my opinion, every song on this outstanding EP solidly contributes to the overall emotional impact to the listener. Opening track "Crows and Doves" and "The Vine" stand out as my favorites." - Sound Thread Music Blog